CONNECT 4 provide information used to track and analyse activities such as takeovers and mergers, capital raisings, auditing and accounting practices, and corporate governance compliance.

CONNECT 4 is a wholly owned business of Fairfax Media Publications Pty Limited ABN 33 003 357 720 which specialises in providing information on companies which are listed on the Australian Stock Exchange.

Founded in 1992, our Analysts and Technical staff are dedicated to providing comprehensive, innovative, unique and leading edge products to assist the market place in understanding the activities of publicly listed companies in Australia.

Our products are used in Australia and the Asia Pacific region. We have recently formed a marketing relationship with europrospectus.com in The United Kingdom for the purpose of providing Australian company information to the UK and Europe.

Through this relationship, we can also offer the Australian market place a comprehensive source of information which relates to the activities of UK and European based companies.

For more information please contact us.